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Leipzig - Zentralstadion

Zentralstadion has been dubbed the "stadium within a stadium" as the new ground was built within the walls of the city's old 100,000 capacity venue.
The original arena, built in 1956, had fallen into disrepair in the 1990s.
While facilities have improved beyond recognition, the seating has diminished and it is one of the World Cup's smaller venues, holding just 38,000.
It is also the cheapest of the five new tournament stadia, built at £60m.

FIXTURES (all times BST)

Sun 11 June (1400): Serbia & Montenegro v Holland (Gp C)
Wed 14 June (1400): Spain v Ukraine (Gp H)
Sun 18 June (2000): France v South Korea (Gp G)
Wed 21 June (1500): Iran v Angola (Gp D)
Sat 24 June (2000): 2nd round (1st Gp C v 2nd Gp D)